We've Met Before, Haven't We?

by Chillian Murphy

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'We've Met before, Haven't We?' Single

Official first two tracks kicking off the 'Chillian Murphy' phase of my music making - like how the Microphones released Mount Eerie and then become Mount Eerie. Yeah.

Free for this and then the album they will appear on will cost money. That seems fair.


released 20 August 2012



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Track Name: We've Met Before, Haven't We?
Ah yes, your golden smile, pearl white teeth and eyes of a cinephile
Will you please drop your plans and waste your life with me?

It's a lonely town, and that won't change but with you here I feel okay in your arms
Wish you'd stay forever... Won't you stay forever?
We should stay here

We should stay through the night
flashlight blazing in your eyes so you don't know
Wrong from right
flashlight fading and I'll surely die if you let go

Through the night, we'll go racing
Track Name: Slow Times in Nowheresville
Love can make it so... with its dizzy sighs and butterflies, you know?
Love takes its toll - enslave your heart to free your soul

You're the lucky one, you know?
With your hands clenched tight in your coat
You're the lucky one, you know?
With your hands clenched tight

Time... time moves way too slow
I can hardly take it
If God loved me then he would let me know
There ain't no God - there ain't no hope

Choose to believe what you wanna believe it's fine
At the end of the day it's just a waste of a day's worth time